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VOICE is set in an Eastern suburb to Oslo, Norway, and follows film workshop VOICE, where local youth learn to create and discuss their own films. Shooting with their cell phones, and guided by adult activists Dawit, Sara and Juan, their aim is to ”speak with their own voice” and to present alternative political and social perspectives on Oslo suburbia. When documentary filmmaker Rhea arrives at the workshop to make a film about VOICE, she is soon challenged by her subjects. Why should Rhea, who is not from the area and knows VOICE only from the outside, get to tell their story? Workshop leader Dawit enters into discussions with Rhea, and as the activists demand ever more influence over her project, Rhea goes to great lengths to create a more ”democratic” film production.

Ane Hjort Guttu

Fiction | 92 min | 2023
DCP 4K | 5.1.


World premiere at CPH:DOX March 18


SARA_under natten2.jpeg
S1A intro.jpg


Daisuke Kosugi

Short fiction | 30 min | 2023


Will first be shown as part of Daisuke Kosugi's solo exhibition at Kunstnernes hus January 2024.

The film presents arguments between the child Luka and parent Kim, in the cabin, the hotel, at the museum and at home. The arguments occur in situations where Luka is prevented from doing what he wants, which results in Luka struggling to manage his emotions. Luka has challenges in coping with various situations in everyday life, and he has struggled with this for a long time, which is indicated through statements such as "everyone treats me like that" or in some short scenes where parent Kim talks to Luka's teacher.

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